7th July, also known as SabaSaba day, has always been one of the holidays we look forward to, as Tanzanians. SabaSaba holds a political and festive significance to us, as it happens to be the founding day of the Tanzanian political party Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) in 1954. Of course, the shopping experience is always something to also look forward to.

SabaSaba Trade fair wins when it comes to the number of people who show up for the event. As a seller or exhibitor of any kind, the masses attending the trade fair are an attractive element. According to an official catalogue that was published in 2014, around 220,000 people attended the fair. That can translate into huge revenue for exhibitors.

Mabaki Mali inawakaribisha wadau wake wote kuwa tutakuwepo kwenye Jengo La IPP (@womenchamber_twcc ) lipo pembeni mwa Jengo la NSSF.
Ukingia ndani ya Jengo la IPP nenda kulia kwako utaonda Fountain water (maji yanayomwagika kama waterfalls) kwa stage angalia kulia kwako.