Transition to a circular economy: innovation and sustainability in waste management systems.

Mabaki Mali Enterprises is a Tanzanian recycling company which was formed mainly to solve the urban waste problem and provide the best recycling methods to the community and nation in general. In Tanzania, especially in big cities like Dar es salaam there is a lack of proper waste management. Solid waste can be found almost everywhere, and old tyres contribute so much in that since there isn’t a special place to dump them. Mabaki Mali came up with “Tairi Samani” project which simply means that  the company will make furniture out of waste tyres. Collected old tyres from garages, road sides, and from vendors are then turned into affordable furniture pieces. As a result, we have managed to convince people to use Eco-furniture from recycled materials, reduce the number of waste tyres which were simply thrown away and raise funds. We also managed to employ the youth, teach in schools and communities on how to preserve the environment while gaining income.

So far Mabaki Mali has recycled and sold more than 500 tyres since the “Tairi Samani” project started. Our customers vary from households, hotels, restaurants, bars and offices. Upon delivery we often make sure that our clients understand that by buying from us he/she/they are  saving the planet while providing  income to the youth.