Mabaki Mali Enterprises is a Tanzanian recycling company which was formed mainly to solve the urban waste problem and provide the best recycling methods to the community and nation in general. In Tanzania, especially in big cities like Dar es salaam there is a lack of proper waste management so Mabaki Mali creates quality and non toxic furniture and eco-desks bespoke designs with a range of different styles and material finishes. Aim to support environmental conservation and education infrastructure.


Mabaki Mali has 2 types of products which are Eco-desks and Eco-furniture. 

About 5 Millions of students join primary and secondary schools yearly. Thus, it increases production of wooden desks which loses 915,000 trees while 85% of waste tires ends on land (TAFORI, 2017). Tire-dawati as Eco-desks innovations are made of Greenwood for the perfect comfortability, low maintenance, durable, portable and Eco-friendly product. It promotes education by making school desks from waste tires so as to solve environmental pollution and deforestation.

Hence, The innovation of the school desk consists of giving a fresh and modern look to African classrooms, thus, promoting education in both rural and modern Tanzania. And it converts tire waste into useful products.


Eco-furniture is made of waste tire, textile and metal so we combine comfort with functionality. Our bespoke ottomans can be customized with any fabric and the option of a glass lid to complete a unique and compact table design.